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Aims and Scope

The Singapore Economic Review is a triannual journal devoted to the publication of high-quality theoretical and empirical papers on all aspects of economics with a special emphasis on the economic problems related to Asian countries. The journal has a long history of publication of a broad range of economic issues impinging on Southeast Asia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. It was initially published as the Malayan Economic Review (MER) from 1956, which was later renamed the Singapore Economic Review (SER) in 1969. Among its distinguished contributors were the late Sir John Hicks, Sydney Caine, the late H.G. Johnson, Ragnar Nurkse, H.W. Singer, W.M. Corden, Herbert Grubel, J.C.H. Fei, G. Ranis, Henry Wan, E.J. Mishan, Jerome L. Stein, Jack L. Knetsch, Ng Yew-Kwang, Murray Kemp, Karl Shell and Ronald I. McKinnon. The journal has a wide international circulation; among the many subscribers are the libraries of Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and the London School of Economics.

The SER's editorial board consists of prominent scholars with different areas of specializations from across the world. With World Scientific as the journal's publisher, the Singapore Economic Review has sections devoted to public policy, applied economics, markets and industry, commentaries, and short papers or notes. The SER also publishes selected book reviews. In addition, specially invited papers by very eminent economists are featured in forthcoming issues.

The SER publishes scholarly work of contemporary interest with a special emphasis on the following fields:

  • Public Policy and Economics
  • Economic Theory
  • Developmental Issues
  • Markets and Industry
  • Banking and Financial Issues
  • International Trade Issues
  • The Asian Crisis, China's Economic Reform, the Economic Resurgence of India
  • Transitional Economics
  • The Economics of Information
  • Environmental and Health Economics
  • Innovation and Growth
  • Globalization and Competitiveness
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Notes and Comments
  • Book Reviews

Editorial Board

Euston Quah
Nanyang Technological University

Hian Teck Hoon (Singapore Management University)
Xiaolin Xing (National University of Singapore)

Associate Editors
Charles Adam (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS)
Ngee Choon Chia (National University of Singapore)
Anthony Chin (National University of Singapore)
Ahmed Khalid (Bond University)
Eric Heikkila (University of Southern California)
David Lee (Ferrell Asset Management Pte Ltd)
Donghyun Park (Asian Development Bank)
Christos Sakellariou (Nanyang Technological University)
Reza Yamora Siregar (University of Adelaide)
Frederik Sjoholm (Stockholm School of Economics)
Khye Chong Tan (Nanyang Technological University)
Kim Song Tan (Singapore Management University)
Dodo Jesuthason Thampapillai (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS)
Shandre M Thangavelu (National University of Singapore)
Mun Heng Toh (National University of Singapore)
Paul Sau Leung Yip (Nanyang Technological University)
Jong Say Yong (University of Melbourne)
Jinli Zeng (National University of Singapore)

Book Reviews
Peter Wilson (National University of Singapore)

Assistant Editors
Keen Meng Choy (Nanyang Technological University)
Wai Mun Chia (Nanyang Technological University)
Yothin Jinjarak (Nanyang Technological University)
Cheolsung Park (National University of Singapore)
Khay Boon Tan (Singapore Institute of Management University)
Wei Kang Wong (National University of Singapore)

Treasurer Manager
Boon Tiong Lim (National University of Singapore)

Editorial Advisors
Parkash Chander (National University of Singapore)
Kang Chen (Nanyang Technological University)
Basant K Kapur (National University of Singapore)
Ai Tee Koh (formerly National University of Singapore)
Chong Yah Lim (Nanyang Technological University)
Roberto S Mariano (Singapore Management University)
Augustine H H Tan (Singapore Management University)

International Advisory Board

Michael J Artis (European University Institute)
Michael B Devereux (University of British Columbia)
Ross Garnaut (Australian National University)
Hal Hill (Australian National University)
Ryokichi Hirono (Seikei University)
Jack L Knetsch (Simon Fraser University)
Colin Kirkpatrick (University of Manchester)
Lawrence B Krause (University of California, San Diego)
Anne Krueger (Stanford University)
Lawrence J Lau (Stanford University)
Peter J Lloyd (University of Melbourne)
Ronald McKinnon (Stanford University)
Yew Kwang Ng (Monash University)
Soo Bin Park (Carleton University)
David Peel (University of Liverpool)
Partha Sen (Delhi School of Economics)
John Whalley (University of Western Ontario)

Editorial Assistant
Joey Kek
Lay Yen Ong

Sample Issue - Vol. 51, No. 3 (December 2006)

Industrial Policy In A Globalized Age - Lessons From East Asian Experience
Henry Wan, Jr. And An-Chi Tung

Does China Save Too Much?
Lan Lu And Ian M. Mcdonald

The State-And-Speed Of The Economies In ASEAN-5: A Geometry Analysis
Kian-Teng Kwek And Cho-Wai Cho

Is APEC Suitable For Currency Union?
Yutaka Kurihara

A Note On The Correlation Relationship Among Singapore, Hong Kong And The Us Capital Markets Since The Hong Kong Handover: Implication For International Portfolio Management
Leo H. Chan

Predicting Us 2001 Recession, Composite Leading Economic Indicators, Structural Change And Monetary Policy
Mehdi Mostaghimi

Interacting Business Cycle Fluctuations: A Two-Country Model
Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel And Hing Hung

Household Heterogeneity And Optimal Inter-Temporal Pricing For A Durable-Good Monopoly
Winston T.H. Koh


Co-organisers through the Editorial Board:
Humanities and Social Sciences Research
Centre (HSSRC), NTU